What is the Value of Feeling Good?

When our health is compromised because of an illness or a concern, we realize how critical it is to take care of ourselves.  Many of us don’t always pay enough attention to our health and stress levels until something drastic occurs.  If this is the case, we often must re-evaluate how we eat and how we care for our body.

The painstaking steps many people must take towards recovery can often be avoided if we address our overall physical and emotional health early on.  The Aware Body approach focuses on nutrition, wellness, and self-care as a preventive measure.

So many of us spend time and money on outer appearances but don’t always pay attention to what we put in our bodies. Along with stress, toxins in the environment and the harmful additives to our food, our bodies often take on the weight of the world.

Time spent taking care of the body, our most prized possession, is one of the most important and heroic acts we can do for ourselves. Many of us need guidance, support and coaching as well as a definitive plan and set of goals to remain focused and on track to succeed towards reaching optimal wellness.

When the value of feeling good is placed at a premium, the empowering effects ripple outwards and are reinforced within families, loved ones, friends and future generations.



The Path to Feeling Good

When you commit to your health, you are committing to a transformed body and mind.  The Aware Body approach focuses on guiding or redirecting you on the path to wellness through inspiration, motivation, and support.  In addition to the Self-Care Action Plan, you will receive important tools geared towards living a life of balance.  The initial thirty minute consultation will give you an overview of the Aware Body Approach. From there, depending on your needs, sessions will most likely be scheduled on a bi-monthly basis with check in’s in-between sessions.

To schedule an initial 30 minute consultation, please call 415-412-5490