What to Expect from The Aware Body approach to
Holistic Nutrition and Wellness Counseling and Coaching

     • Develop an individualized nutrition and lifestyle plan
     • Learn ways to reconnect with your body
     • Shed weight naturally and find solutions to integrate sustainable
        and lasting change
     • Make sense out of all the nutrition and wellness advice in the media
     • Find out about health promoting power foods and how they will boost
        energy, your mood and your health

The Aware Body approach to wellness counseling and coaching is completely individualized and formulated to help each client achieve attainable goals focused on creating and sustaining a healthy lifestyle.  The approach emphasizes, guidance, education, and an increased understanding between common health concerns and the food we ingest. These concerns include headaches, depression, anxiety, weight fluctuations, low energy levels, mood swings, sleep issues and digestive concerns.

What makes the Aware Body Approach unique is the health promoting and biopsychosocial formulation that is addressed during one-on-one meetings.  The term biopsychosocial literally means biology, psychology, sociology or environment, mind, body, relationships and social connections.  During meetings which are in person or over the phone, each client will receive an individualized eating plan, recipe and food suggestions, as well as coaching around lifestyle in order to achieve balance and optimal wellness.  Clients will be educated about which foods will help build energy and which foods deplete energy as well as food combining.  General and specific goals will be addressed and after sessions, each client will receive a detailed goal list and a plan to reference between meetings.  As we look at the whole picture including stress levels, health concerns, quality of sleep, reflections on body image, eating habits, and relationships, we will work collaboratively to establish a self-care plan and create results that will recharge and will take your health to the next level.

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With all the demands in our busy lives, it is not uncommon to feel “off” mentally and physically. When our health and our well being gets off track, we often need support to help us get back in balance and to feel good again. It is possible!  The first step is to reach out for help and then begin the process of establishing reachable goals.