The Journey Back to Health: Mary’s Story

Years ago, I was overstressed, out of balance physically and emotionally, anxious most of the time, and run down. During this time, I took my annual summer visit to NY to see family and friends and took some time to travel. After several days, I started to feel dizzy, had nonstop low grade fever and was filled with fear about what was happening within my body. Despite feeling miserable and fearful, I boarded a plane for South America to explore Ecuador and Columbia. Part way through the trip, I felt so listless and dizzy, I did what ever was possible to get on the next flight to NY. Upon my shaky arrival back to the States, I wrote a full page list of symptoms that I took to my father’s doctor. One doctor became 5, and when a slew of tests came back normal even though I knew something was going on, I started to take matters into my own hands.

After consulting holistic health and wellness literature, most notably, Dr. Ralph Golan’s “Optimal Wellness” that once belonged to my grandmother, I began the journey to understanding the alternatives to Western Medicine.

Over the months, I was convinced I had Lyme disease (which tests later confirmed) that had gone undetected and compromised my system to the point where it was difficult for me to walk two blocks.  When I was finally diagnosed with Lyme disease, I refused the antibiotic treatment because I sensed that my body couldn’t handle the harsh side effects. I listened to my inner wisdom and took steps to heal myself naturally using food as medicine as well as natural supplements, acupuncture, and holistic health consultations. 

I now am thankful for my health and never take it for granted! I meditate daily and keep my stress levels as low as possible to save myself from setbacks and although setbacks do happen, I now have an incredible awareness about what my body needs to heal again. I feel great most of the time but I still need to keep up with my health and wellness goals. I am continually challenging myself to stay on top of my self-care routine and work hard to make that part of my day non-negotiable.

Through this life altering experience, I have gained a wealth of knowledge, skills, and insight on what it takes to heal and what it takes to prevent and tackle health concerns. It is from this place of awareness and training that I have developed The Aware Body approach.


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