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Prioritize Your Health!


3 Week Fully Supported/Customized
Food- Based Cleanse
Get Off Refined Sugar and Feel Great!

Eat         Clean       Energize     Detox

After Three Weeks on
The Aware Body Cleanse You Will:

• Balance Mood Swings
• Ignite your Energy
• Boost your Immunity
• Drop Unwanted Weight

And Most Importantly- FEEL AMAZING!

Recently, I spent three weeks completely off white sugar. It was not without it’s challenges- I craved my favorites such as ice cream but I accumulated an array of great secrets to help you get you through the cravings with minimal pain. I still ate “sweets” such as my homemade granola, healthy cookies and homemade smoothies that double as a creamy thick frozen dessert- all made without refined sugar. The trick is that they are all made (simply!) by hand and completely satisfy. If you are short on time, I have some excellent suggestions that will get you set up with lots of options to pick up at the store or buy online.

The best part about this cleanse is that it is completely customized to fit your needs and your body. You will thrive rather than starve or feel deprived as you would on a “diet.”

I noticed the difference in my energy, mood and weight after 3 weeks and truly didn’t miss the sugar effects of sugar on my mood and my energy....Success!

Total Cost: $200
3 weeks of one on one support:
Two hour long sessions complete with recipes, specific food suggestions and ongoing email/phone support.


For further information including pricing and retreat details contact:
Mary Serphos

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"I left Mary's workshop feeling a sense of tranquility and better equipped with how to obtain a more balanced lifestyle. She taught me exercises and techniques to help me focus on prioritizing and simplifying my life while nourishing my body." - A.D. Mill Valley, CA